We Tear Down Structures Safely

Choose us for expert decommissioning

When you need to tear down any type of building, make sure the job is completed safely. Safe demolition work is even more important if you need to demolish a power plant or paper mill. These industrial facilities have dangerous electrical components and flammable features that need to be handled by experts.

Call Rotag Plant Services if you need professional decommissioning services. We can tear down any mill or power plant safely and efficiently.

Work with professionals you can trust

Work with professionals you can trust

We have the equipment and training needed to decommission plants and mills properly. We’re up to date on all of the latest codes and regulations, and we always make safety our #1 priority. When you hire us to demolish your facility, we’ll inspect every inch of the building. We’ll then provide an estimate and get ready for demo day.

You can also count on us to clean up after ourselves—we’ll haul away any leftover scrap metal and debris. Call Rotag Plant Services today to get a free on-site decommissioning estimate.